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Thought it might be interesting to put down my thoughts on the media I consume, so here’s the things that came to mind about all I watched/played/read over the last week.


Deadpool: Suicide Kings #3

Oh, Deadpool, I would go on a date with you. If you manage to stop being headless. And make sure there are no chunks of head left anywhere. Seriously, it’s kind of gross.

Ultimatum #1 - Three Kings

Felt very short. I’m glad I didn’t pay full price for it or anything. And if those characters are gone for good, which I suspect they are, not a great send-off for them. My brother, on his read through, didn’t even think they were dead.

Also, Angel should become Angelfish – he’s a pretty good swimmer. And I wonder what the prize is for The Thing’s 25 Words or Less. Pity I’m no good at those kinds of competitions.

X-Factor v1 #71 – Cutting the Mustard

That jar was evil. Completely evil. You ask me, I blame society. And Jamie. Karma’s a bitch, huh Jamie?

X-Factor v1 #86 – One of These Days… [X-Cutioner’s Song Part 10]

Oh Cable, I wish I had your whittling skills.

X-Factor v1 #89 – Dark Homecoming / Cabin Fever

Jamie’s eyes are incredibly blue in this issue. In all the earlier issues his eyes were black/brown. Checked my volume three stuff though and he has blue eyes in some of them and brown in the others. Interesting.

Robert Downey Jr totally had a cameo in his alternate ending The Shaggy Dog form. That stupid, stupid alternate ending.

Quicksilver totally has a breast. Possibly two, but only one was visible. When shown it my brother claimed it was too low down and must be a tumour, but it is definitely a breast. And that page where Quicksilver’s wife thought he came out was hilarious.


Half Life 2

Didn’t give me as much of an emotional response playing through again. Guess it’s a combination of knowing what’s gonna happen and not have subtitles on while running around the room ignoring the people talking to me.

Still fun though.



Good movie. I liked it. Can’t see how it would’ve really worked without the cancer though. Stupid Weinstein Brothers. Didn’t notice any of the Star Wars anachronisms listed on imdb, but I did notice a MirrorMask book in the comic shop.

And no wonder Jason Mewes had a drug addiction.


So cute and morbid. Hang in there kitty!

Tropic Thunder (With Commentary On)

Still funny second viewing. I just wish they’d finish some of the stories they start telling though. And talked less about Tom Cruise.


Kupek – Entire Back Catalogue

Pretty nice music, but none of the songs have really jumped out and grabbed me. Think I need to listen through a few more times.

And now having relistened some have jumped me. Awesome.


American Dad! - S3 Ep10 “Tearjerker”

Naughty people having their phones on during the movie. Pity they didn’t cry themselves to death.

Beautiful People - S1 Ep1 “How I Got My Vase”

Ew, people jumping to conclusions. I hate that. Show wasn’t too bad though. Shall watch more.

Cold Case - S2 Ep 11 “Blank Generation”

I’d actually watched this episode before. And I thought this the first viewing and still think it now - his “suicide note” really didn’t strike me as a suicide note.

Cold Case - S3 Ep 19 “Beautiful Little Fool”

It was interesting how they got all the information from the diary, the article and the tapes and such instead of talking to first-hand witnesses. Getting it from the song was a little bit of a stretch though.

Family Guy - S7 Ep 8 “Family Gay”

I think Peter got smarter when he was gay. Interesting.

Ghost Whisperer - S4 Ep17 “Delusion of Grandview”

Haha, fail Melinda. Fail!

Heroes - S3 Ep22 “Turn and Face the Strange”

I’d just started thinking that maybe there’d finally be an episode without Claire, but no. Halfway through she appears. At least she was barely in it and didn’t really do anything when she was.

Oh Sylar, getting cocky and making mistakes. You are such a serial killer. :P

How I Met Your Mother - S1 Ep6 “Slutty Pumpkin”

Pretty cool costumes. Much better than my Halloween efforts. Hansel and Gretel for a couple though… tad incestual, isn’t it?

What spellchecker? Incestual isn’t a word? Lame. Tad incestuous then, isn’t it?

How I Met Your Mother - S2 Ep17 “Arrivederci, Fiero”

It was all Robin’s fault that the transsexual car died. She sucks.

How I Met Your Mother - S4 Ep22 “Right Place Right Time”

Only 200? Really Barney, pathetic.

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit - S10 Ep15 “Lead”

The way Olivia read him his rights seemed so dodgy. I’m sure she was trying to be nice or something, but it really didn’t look like it clicked with him that he was being read his rights. Lookd like he just thought she was taking to him.

I was glad new ADA was gone, but Alex was still annoying.

Medium S5 Ep15 - “The Man in the Mirror”

The actions of characters in this episode really bugged me. Surely her husband would be familiar enough with the weird happenings that surround her to believe that the strange man claiming to be his wife was in fact his wife, instead of just yelling a lot. Also, I think that he should have at least told the oldest daughter about her mother being in a coma. She’s at about 16 now, she can handle it.

The interactions between “Todd” and the husband were pretty amusing though, once he stopped yelling. Pity there wasn’t more.

Peep Show - S5 Ep4 “Jeremy’s Mummy”

I love you Jeremy. You should be nicer to your mummy though.

Robot Chick - S3 Ep1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

The theme song will not leave my head.

Supernatural - S4 Ep15 “Death Takes a Holiday”

I’m glad no-one decided to see how many ways they could kill themselves without dying like in that Family Guy episode.


Everybody was ghost-fu fighting, dun dun dun dun dun dun dun.
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